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In A Stuntman’s Guide to Safe Parenting, single parent and world renowned stunt coordinator Andy Armstrong gives straight forward, firsthand knowledge on teaching young children to participate in action sports and pastimes.  Many of Andy’s methods and practices are quite unlike those generally taught to or practiced by parents of young children and are extremely different than those taught by many so called child experts whose theory and tradition based advice is often inapplicable to parents in real situations. 

Andy Armstrong has based his guide on a forty plus year career designing, planning and safely executing countless huge, spectacular and dangerous action sequences in some of the biggest blockbuster action movies ever produced.  The Amazing Spider-man and The Green Hornet are just two of the many movies that have featured Andy and his family as professional stunt performers.  Complete with amazing pictures from stunt families around the world, this guide is a timely look at effective parenting for the next, and current, generation.


A Stuntman’s Guide to Safe Parenting isn’t just for parents of child athletes. Andy’s advice is for anyone who wants to keep a healthy balance of activity and safety in their child’s life.  From riding a bike to combat sports, his systems are as much an overall outlook as they are step by step instruction on how to help create a lifelong love of activity in any child.  

Chapters Include

Water Sports~Combat Sports~Winter Sports~Teaching Basic Safety

Horseback Riding~Motorized Vehicles~Injuries~Girls Can't Do That (Like Hell They Can't)

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