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In the revised edition of his Handbook, Andy Armstrong opens up his knowledge gained designing, coordinating and directing action on some of the largest and most successful action movies of the last four decades. Fire, water, high falls, fight scenes, vehicle chases, car crashes, on set safety and systems for success are just a few of the subjects covered in his action movie making guide. Andy Armstrong's book is the first complete instruction manual for anyone serious about making action movies, written by someone who has done just that to extreme success for over four decades. Includes testimonials from Director/Actor/Producer Seth Rogen, Director Marc Webb, Action Director Vic Armstrong and others.

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Now Available At
2900 W. Magnolia Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91505
(818) 845-0707
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Expert from Action Movie Maker's Handbook
"This can be explained to everyone involved politely and clearly. It’s not about ego, it’s a system to ensure safety and predictability. Remember in order to be able to conduct this sort of precise information without offending anyone, you need to be respected, not feared, there is a huge difference.
In my opinion, respect is more important than position, money or credit. If you’re the guy telling fart jokes at craft service and hitting on the cute, young extra, it’s doubtful you’ll be the guy respected enough to be given the opportunity to insist on any rules or systems. SO CLASS UP YOUR GAME!"        

Interview & Pitch Breakdown~Script Analysis~On Set Pictures~Fire, Water, Falls & Crowds~Appropriate Hiring~The Seven Deadly Sins~Stories from the Set~Special Effects~Storytelling, Not Just Stunts~Car Prep~Rigging~The Fundamentals~Accidents & Mishaps~Disciplines and Systems

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